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From the moment I realised I had a space under my bed, I began to collect tangible memories and started archiving my personal collections in boxes next to my slippers. Layers of small Christmas tags complete with spider handwriting, tops from empty bottles of beer, postcards, love letters, napkins and drawings. Theatre tickets, bus passes, magazine cuttings, party invites, birthday cards and of course photographs.

Those shoeboxes filled with items started my longing to preserve my backstories visually with photography. I went from having a need to save addressed envelopes to having a burning desire to capture moments on film, instant polaroid and then over the years, digitally.

Over time, my need to capture my own family's moments, progressed to photographing others and that was the start of

t h e  g l a s s  n a r r a t o r  

Growing up in Portsmouth, Hampshire, England UK with a father who seemed to have his camera on his hip at all the key moments, I feel I was taught not only the importance of recording real moments but also that photography was an expensive luxury and a hobby of waiting for the right light and connection of subjects. I learnt that my favourite images from my childhood were not the flush studio shots, but the real life emotions caught just at the right time. The images of the ones I love, but with younger faces in rooms I grew in. Holding these photographs in my hand, I am transported back to a time that's no longer assessable physically, but once seen and soaked up - I'm there. Right back there.

My photographs have been featured, published and won international awards, and with an back ground in Fine Art - My photos offer something different every time, every session.

In our fast paced world, documentary photography for me is my grounding force. It slows me down and makes me pace myself. It opens my eyes and expands my mind. With my camera in hand, everything else stops and I can concentrate solely on what's in front of me. Recording those stories.

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w w w . t h e g l a s s n a r r a t o r . c o m

Karah Mew is a family & newborn relaxed photographer.

Destination and south coast  documentary & lifestyle.

Based in Portsmouth, Hampshire, England.



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