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A photograph only becomes a photograph once it's printed.

Let that sink in.

That's a huge statement isn't it?

How many of us print our photographs regularly? 

I am going to hold my hand up here and say - not enough.

We are all guilty of snapping away on either a phone or c...

May 2017 I wasn't working as a photographer.

I had a camera, but it was broken and I felt my creativity was damaged slightly too.

I was in some kind of limbo. With no money to purchase a new camera and a feeling that I didn't belong in the family photographer world I had...

My little beasts are sun-kissed wildlings.
Their skin looks dirty, but in fact it's just an outdoor cuddle, coating them in golden memories of beaches and picnics.
Their feet are tired and nails slightly grubby, but in fact it's the personal tracker which isn't measure...

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