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For me, the photographer here at

t h e    g l a s s    n a r r a t o r  

its about capturing and recording the moments as they happen naturally in a truthful and honest way. My passion is to record you as you are and photograph the ones you love in a timeless way for the future.

All those day to day moments, your mundane, the current essence of who you are right now,

its forever changing and moving.

My aim is to make your session effortless, relaxed and totally enjoyable. To work with you and your family to create images that will never date and become prized art work.

Sounds exciting right?


First off ... you don't need to buy any new clothes or even brush your hair.

Wear what you love.

There will be no bribes to smile, no pressure on the kids to behave and no stress to be perfect.

Behind closed doors your family life is perfect for you and that is what I want to record.


I am also a chaser of light and have an eye for interesting spaces, so from time to time, if the mood is right and you are happy to play, I may ask you if you fancy showing me around. 

Your gallery will be a mix of perfectly you in your natural way, teamed with your highlights.

Pretty liberating?



Lets chat!

Drop me a message to say hi. Either via email, phone or face to face, we can start to get to know each other.

From talking we can learn what is important to you and the things in your day to day life you feel strongly about preserving. Unlike other photography sessions there is never a reason to call off a shoot due to poor weather. Every time of the day is a possibility and any location you love I can be there.

Space in your car? Take me!

Heading to your grandparents? I'm there!

Is Sunday your favourite day to hang? Lets do it!

You have a favourite location to you? Show me!

Once we have the date and you have chosen how long you want me to photograph you, paying your session fee will secure your slot. I'm all yours!

When it comes to the day, you do your normal and I'll be there.

Trust me it really is that easy! 

I like to either arrive mid morning or around sunset, depending on your location and photography wishes. 

Your session will include your beautiful ordinary.

No need to put on any show - you are perfect as you are.

You excited?



A few days after your photography session I shall be in contact to arrange a convenient time for me to return to show you your images, which will be around  three / four weeks later. By having a viewing session in your own home, you are able to select only what you love and equally work out what would look best on your walls or within albums. My finished galleries will have 40 - 50 images (depending on your session) that have been carefully selected and hand edited in my personal style. Your finished gallery will have a mix of relaxed family interactions and environmental portraits. Once you have selected you images and placed your order, your finished products will be ready to be enjoyed within four / six weeks. 

Sounds fun? 

If this sounds like the kind of photographic session you would like to share with your family, then please drop me a message here to talk more.

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w w w . t h e g l a s s n a r r a t o r . c o m

Karah Mew is a family & newborn relaxed photographer.

Destination and south coast  documentary & lifestyle.

Based in Portsmouth, Hampshire, England.



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