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Do you own what you need for your future self?

Let's just stop for a minute and think. In ten years time, looking back at now, what are the moments that will be mentally logged as important memories to you? What are your day to day everyday's that will soon transition into yesteryear's? Who around you right now, in your honest moments, brings you those warm feelings that will be lost to time? Now tell me. Do you have professional images of your precious family connections which you currently cherish so much? I'm not taking images of matching clothes and fake smiles - I'm talking the real you. Are you truthfully documenting your family for the future? I'm not talking perfectly tidy homes and just those 'insta perfect snippets' - I'm talking the real you. Can you hold a photograph in your hand of your loved ones, which radiates true emotions? I'm not talking a mobile phone image that just lives online because the quality is too poor to print - I'm talking real tangible investment photographs that in ten years time your older eyes can trace. Contact me now to book a photography session that will feel like no other. "She once was just a monthly cycle I charted along side the moon. And now she holds luna each night in her growing hands."

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