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The month of reflection

With the new year and the new diary, it can be the perfect time to revaluate where you are going, where you want to be and maybe how you are going to get there.

Its drummed into us that on the chime of the clock at midnight - its the year to take the bull at the horns and seek dreams and smash personal targets, whatever they might be.

But during the first month of the shiny year, there is often wafting pressure that can arise from penned goals that are unattainable and because of this, a huge amount of us, come February feel like we are not doing our best or even maybe failing.

I'm a huge lover of goals - don't get me wrong, but I have always felt that January isn't the best time of the year for me to do this. I guess I'm a bit touched out during the aftermath of Christmas and I 100% need to be focused and committed to pen my goal - because like I said above, those new year resolutions can lead to a slump due to them being unattainable.

I need a slow start and simply observant eyes to really see what I desire for the year ahead. How many of us have given ourselves routes to take on the come down of Christmas tree, only to clearly see after the fog of the fairy lights, that maybe that goal hindered your achievements or even stunted you?

So this January, its been all about reflection for me here at the HQ of The Glass Narrator. Reflecting on the journey and the achievements so far, but mostly reflecting in on my family.

I'm taking my time.

I'm enjoying the daydreaming and simply I'm enjoying playing.

I'm enjoying meeting new clients and photographing their stories.

But mainly I'm photographing for pleasure. Just for me. Re connecting.

No goals, just paths for these four weeks, leading me to a new month with a clearer brain, better motivation and the perfect time to think about the year ahead.

One thing I have been doing this month is photographing my own children and taking the time to really look and celebrate them - boy are those kiddos growing!

I have embarked on a 52 week project, that simply means one image minimum a week of my current life - which totally feels achievable and with the focus on them, its a pretty easy project to jump into whilst the house still has traces of tinsel.

And 19 days into the year 2018 I am feeling more awake, more clear and most definitely more motivated. So take it from me, there is nothing bad from slow starts and sitting back. There is nothing wrong with taking your time in the month where gyms are filled and all diaries have been sold in shops. When you are touched out, taking time out often means a happy within.

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