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Let's throw stones in our favourite place

Its just been so wet.

Totally grey and wet. 

My socks have been drenched from puddles on many occasions and it feels I have not taken my raincoat off in months. But luckily for us, a recent Sunday pushed those stormy clouds away and the sun shone for a few hours photographing the lovely Wright family. 

With no puddles and hands free from umbrellas, I was able to go to Southsea beach and hang out with a family doing their favourite activity - stones throwing and Ice cream. 

I'm not the sort of photographer who plans locations to shoot in, I'm the kind who wants to document you in places that really mean something to you - because when you have moments recorded in places you love or have connections with, those photos mean more. So much more. 

I jumped at the chance when Jo asked if I would meet them in Southsea, Portsmouth and tag along for the morning exploring the waves. They got the chance to do what they love and I got to photograph them in an non intrusive way, meaning that they now own images with the whole family in. No invisible mum. No selfies. 

As much as I just enjoy photographing you in your own home, I just dig adventuring to your favourite places. So if you are thinking of going someplace you love and looking to lock down some memories, The Glass Narrator can be there, discreetly visually recording those moments forever.

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