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Doorstep Documentaries | A Portsmouth Hampshire Photography Promotion


I'll never forget the day when we were handed the keys to our home. A tiny piece of metal that held so many milestones and future adventures. It meant responsibility and adulthood.

That key signified contentment, commitment and it was probably one of the greatest acts of the love I had at that point shared with my partner.

The doorstep is the fingerprint to your home

11 years on, I still use that very same key I was handed the day we became home owners. As time has moved, that doorstep has been the first stop for many of our greatest moments. I left over that step to get married and my husband let the midwives' in who helped deliver our babies. Our front door has been where guests have arrived for parties and it is where my children ran out of for their first day of school.

Many new year kisses have taken place there and our doorstep has been where relatives who no longer can visit once knocked to say hello.

There is nothing like that feeling of returning to see that familiar façade we call home.

That front door is where we say our fondest goodbyes, the spot where we often have the strongest embraces - our doorstep is always where we start our current adventure and often close (the not so metaphoric) door on the old ones.

If there was a location in your home that was hot-spotted in emotion it would be the entrance to your house.

I'm offering Portsmouth residents the chance to book a 25minute taster session with myself

t h e g l a s s n a r r a t o r

A unique photography opportunity to have your family's photographs captured without myself even stepping over the threshold.

Doorstep Documentaries

Maybe you have been thinking about booking a full session but have been unsure on how it would work? Maybe you have thought that your home isn't 'photo shoot ready' or maybe you are just a little unsure on the documentary style?

This photographic experience is set to not only show you how relaxed and enjoyable sessions are with me, but how your home, however it looks, is the ideal setting to record your story - your imperfect is totally perfect.

Doorstep Documentaries are the ideal warm up to allowing me to record your family behind your closed doors. .

Let's start this slowly.

Let me knock for you.

Let's play out front and lets lock down those forecourt moments.

Walking along the wall, sitting by the bins, jumping off that step.

Let me show you what I can do, before I even step into your home.

Lets create images that mean something more than just pretty pictures.

Doorstep Documentaries are only currently available for Portsmouth (and close surrounding area) residents.

It doesn't matter if your door is an old door. A new door. It doesn't even matter if its a shared door.

Maybe you live in a flat or even a mobile home?

I'm telling you not to worry about the paint work or your flower beds - lets just make photos for you families history.

Priced at just £49, you will receive a 25 minute storytelling session, that can be used between March and July 2018 on weekend and mid week dates that I will share with you at the time of your booking.

Your session will take place solely out front of your home or even a family members house which has strong connections.

This is about creating meaningful pictures.

Because of this - I shall gift you a 9x6 fine art print of choice.

You will then get the opportunity to purchase only what you love, with an amazing discount of £99 off Collection I & II from my price guide.

With the purchase of Collection II, for this limited time only, I am offering a complementary 2 hour Storytelling Family session.

That's a pretty amazing deal right?

I'm pretty certain that these images will become firm family favourites as the years progress.

To find out more on all pricing and collections please see HERE

or to dig deeper into the way I work and the structure of my sessions you can request a client guide HERE

Come over to to find out more

Drop me a message HERE to chat

or come and take a look on my Instagram here

I can not wait to meet you.

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