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On the eve of mothers day | the glass narrator photography | Portsmouth Hampshire | UK documentary

When did you last embrace your personal motherhood love story?

A celebration of motherhood for all Portsmouth Hampshire mums doing their best every day of the year.

My Motherhood Storytelling Sessions - £69

When I found out I was going to be a mother for the very first time, it was within the month of March. I was just a few weeks pregnant and I found myself on Mothering Sunday, holding a soon to be bump, looking forward to when my baby would be here. Dreaming how the following March I wouldn't just be sending cards - I would start to receive them too.

Flash foward to this morning, waking up to my two semi nude children jumping on my bed, I thought straight back to that mothers day when I was on the cusp of becoming a mum. That beautiful phase of ideal romance and stories I would tell myself on how it would all be. That was 11 years ago, which means this mothers day is my 10th holding the hands of my own children, with unique stories no one could have ever predicted.

The love we experience during motherhood isn't often like the romance we see in movies.

It's real. It's unscripted. Imperfect. It often feels unbalanced and at times hard.

It's honest and but there is no greater love than the beautiful ordinary of your motherhood.

Mother's Day is remembering that love is sharing your life with others - and most of the time it isn't easy.

It's about those hand made cards with huge pencil cross kisses and dirty faces.

Motherhood can often feel like an emotional rollerskating trip and skid, downhill with no knee pads. It's about being okay with toast for dinner or that early night because the children have completely worn you out. It's about having last pick from of your box of chocolates and being totally okay with that.

Motherhood is a mixture of it all.

It is gritty and magical, often emotional and rewarding, but almost always it is about messy hair and special moments.

It's not always easy, but it's yours.

So on the eve of Mothers Day, it is the perfect moment to step back and reflect in.

To look at what you have and to make that choice on photographing the real you for your future self.

Celebrating these moments that we find challenging but transition into new phases fast.

This Mother's Day I'm offering all mums who book a Family Storytelling session with

t h e g l a s s n a r r a t o r

during the month of March a complimentary 9x6 print of choice to celebrate your motherhood journey.

Family Storytelling Sessions are priced at just £69, you will receive 2 hours of photographic time with me, to capture your motherhood.

Your session will take place in your home or your favourite outdoor location.

This is about creating meaningful pictures and because of this - I shall gift you a 9x6 fine art print of choice, to frame and keep forever.

After your session you will then get the opportunity to purchase only what you love, from either my a la carte products or my collections that are a perfect mixture of digitals and prints.

To find out more on all pricing and collections please see HERE

or to dig deeper into the way I work and the structure of my sessions you can request a client guide HERE

The Glass Narrator is based in Portsmouth Hampshire and provides Portsmouth and Hampshire families the chance to record and photograph their family's real and natural moments. Karah Mew is a documentary photographer capturing your life in a relaxed and special way.

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