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Hello! | the glass narrator | karah mew | family and newborn documentary photographer | portsmouth h

This is me. Karah, the photographer behind The Glass Narrator. And since I started photographing families prodomitly within the Portsmouth, Hampshire area last July, I realised that I've never said hi. So Hello! I'm a mother, an artist, a wife. A matching sock ambassador. A sit down curry craver. I'm a multi award winning documentary photographer and also obsessed with watching Columbo. I have just turned 34 and often don't feel a day older than 6. I'm a lover of dungarees and own over 7 pairs. Cats, I just wanna huggle the cats. I talk - all the time and I enjoy nothing more than meeting new people and getting the chance to be their visual storyteller. I'm passionate about living a life away from photoshopped ideals and striving for a normal life over an insta perfect lie. I enjoy picture making with honesty and reclaiming the photo album once again with photos that we don't make for social media, but for our families legacy. I produce real photographs that offer your future self the ability to take a step back into time and soak up the tiny details, which for many families are being photographically lost. My family or newborn sessions focus on recording your truthful moments, with the outcome of your session being treasured images worthy of the family photo album and equally pride of place on your wall. So I've gone first - tell me about you. Please, don't leave me hanging! Instagram: Website: 

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