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Hose Pipes & Sink Baths | Portsmouth taster session | Storytelling Family Photography | The Glas


I don't want say this too loud - just in case some force above hears and storms back in with snow clouds and bitter winds, but have you seen that weather out there? The sun is shining and doesn't it feel good?

With the change in seasons I always have such mixed emotions. I am crazy happy to ditch the gloves after such a long winter, but when it is time for small feet to go inside last years sandals, its a reminder of how fast the years go and how quickly they grow.

As I approach the 10th year of being blessed with the name 'Mummy', I reflect back on the things I have adored doing with my children during the warmer months and the things we still very much love to do.

If I could go back in time and do one thing just once more, it would be summer afternoon sink baths.

With small limbs tucked into the bowl and the kitchen floor getting splashed (and conveniently cleaned) with soapy bubbles,

there was nothing so simple and wonderful as a baby filling the space where dirty glasses normally end up. 


I don't think I ever grew tired of the water drenched work surfaces. It always seemed so special and even then, short lived.

Like the mosses basket that seemed to have shrunk at colossal speed, the sink was a reminder that all too soon limbs would spill out and no longer fit within, like a metaphor for the womb they once fitted in with perfection. 

As my children have grown and we left the sink baths behind, we found our own new water adventures.

Hose pipes, paddling pools and sprinklers.

 As soon as that first blue sky morning appears, the questions start on getting the water bombs out and can they pump the pool up.

And as a photographer who is slightly obsessed with water droplets caught on a still frame, I always say yes - for I know even this stage will finally end.

I'm offering Portsmouth residents the chance to book a 30 minute taster session with myself,

t h e    g l a s s    n a r r a t o r 

for a fun photography opportunity, to have your family's photographs captured whilst enjoying some of the most magical summer moments. 


Maybe you have been thinking about booking a full Family Storytelling Session but unsure how it would work? Maybe you have been thinking that your home is not 'photo shoot ready' or maybe you are just unsure on how a photography experience works when not in a studio setting?

This water droplet taster is set to not only show you how relaxed and enjoyable sessions are with me, its about showing you that your home is the ideal back drop for recording your moments that matter.

Lets fill the sink with bubbles.

Pop the towels on the line.

Lets pump up the paddling pool and run through the sprinklers.

Lets jump in warm puddles and splash.

Let's make images together. 

HOSE PIPE AND SINK BATH taster sessions are only currently available for Portsmouth and surrounding area residents.

(If you are out of this area, drop me a message to talk more) 

It doesn't matter what your kitchen looks like or if your garden is over grown.

Lets just make photos for your family's history.

Priced at just £49, you will receive a 30 minute mini storytelling session which can be used from June to September.

With limited availability of only five spaces and just a handful of dates, be sure to contact me today to find out more.

This taster is not only to show you what a session with me is like, but it is also about creating meaningful pictures.

Because of this - I shall gift you a 9x6 fine art print of choice.

You will then get the opportunity to purchase only what you love, with an amazing discount of £50 off digital packages,

even more, when you make a purchase, I am offering a complementary 2 hour Family Storytelling session.


I know that these images will become firm family favourites as babies outgrow sinks and paddling pools lose their wow factor.

To find out more on how to book your session today, contact me HERE

To find out more on full session ideas, come and take a look HERE

The Glass Narrator - Karah Mew 

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