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A Photographic Polish Adventure - Family Storytelling - The Glass Narrator

A few months ago I found myself with an enquiry for a Family Storytelling photography shoot in Poland and I will be totally honest - I was sweating for weeks discussing about the logistics of myself travelling there from the UK.

The breif was to capture their real family life and record the moments that matter. I knew in my heart this trip was perfect for my soul and I wasn't wrong. From the moment I arrived, I was unbelievably glad I said yes. 

I spent six days staying with the family in their home and it was everything I visually could have wished for. My photographic eye has never been so fulfilled. The shadows were as beautiful as the summer light, every corner was intriguing. 

If I wasn't photographing I was gazing over the fruit fields, or watching the busy streets in Lublin or simply basking in the rural sunsets.

Living with the family also gave me everything I crave as a picture maker - time. 

Time to create, time to observe, to watch, to get to know and time to find out what images their future self will desire.  

Your mundane is everything I adore. Your everyday locked down and saved.

Snippets of your life, pushed into rectangles. Tangable foever.  

I would love to hear from you if you are after a Family Storytelling session. I travel all over Hampshire to photograph and after this wonderful adventure, I'll hop on a plane too. So if you love my natural unposed images, please get in touch. 

I only take very limited sessions each month, so to avoid disappointment I recommend booking 2 months in advance. 

The Glass Narrator specialises in real life personal stories. Which is perfect for everyone. 

Contact me now to find out more - CLICK HERE

Your history - visually - documented - printed - preserved 

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