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Summer has kissed our shoulders goodbye I The Glass Narrator I Portsmouth Hampshire family photograp

My little beasts are sun-kissed wildlings. Their skin looks dirty, but in fact it's just an outdoor cuddle, coating them in golden memories of beaches and picnics. Their feet are tired and nails slightly grubby, but in fact it's the personal tracker which isn't measured in an app.

Their toes tell a story of adventures, ghost hunts, fruit picking, roundabouts and miles of exploring. Their eyes have bags from the late nights, but in fact you need to look up and into their eyes not below.

Because they are twinkling with them thinking about the time a random dog stole our ball, when we just bypassed dinner and ate ice cream, when we geocached till we maxed out our GPS battery and running along the road in the dark to get home before the monsters escape the drains to feast on our bones. Their hair is unwashed, but in fact it's our summer attire. Because sandy scalps, salty curls and a barnet which won't lay flat since ice cream coated it's strands is so 2018. Summer Micro Fashion. But their legs are tired. Really tired.

And just like that it seems that summer has kissed our shoulders and started to make us long for our socks and mugs of coco.

Where did that summer go? They are back to school.

This is our summer.

 Love Karah, The Glass Narrator 

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