Thank you for choosing The Glass Narrator to create your precious images.

There a few things to be covered and agreed too before we start your session.

Please read through the terms and conditions below.

Photo Sessions:

• The photoshoot itself session is free for two to four hours. The Glass Narrator takes a £99 deposit to secure your date in the diary.  This deposit is taken at time of booking your session and only once your deposit is made is the date placed in my diary.

• If the client is unable to make the session on the date agreed or cancels the engagement, the deposit paid to secure the shoot is unrefundable. Every effort will be made to reschedule but this might not always be possible. If the photographer fails to appear at the time / location as agreed, the deposit shall be refunded to the client or a new date arranged if the client so wishes.

•The client shall assist and cooperate with the photographer in obtaining the desired photographs. Due to the nature of the session, each photography shoot will be highly unique. Pre session consultation done either in person / over the phone / or email will address aims of the session and provide information on how to make sure you session will run smoothly. Any wishes or session ideas will need to be made clear at this pre shoot consultation or via the online questionnaire.


• A £99 deposit is to be made at the time of booking for a Family Storytelling Session. 

• After the shoot I will return at a suitable date, around four weeks later to show you your full gallery of images.

•With the top digital packages there comes a £50 credit towards wall art. This £50 credit is only able to be used during this viewing and will expire if not used.

• Your £99 deposit will be deducted from your Collection of choice.

• Your £99 deposit will not be deducted from prints, photobooks, wall art.

• Final payment for all digitals / products / wall art must be made within 24 hours via bank transfer and no products will be ordered till this payment is made.

• Prices on the website are subject to change at any time. The Glass Narrator aims to keep pricing up to date and correct but understands that there can be cross overs with current prices. All prices are in sterling. Once your booking fee is paid, the price you booked at honoured to you. Please make sure that you happy with all pricing, for all products at the time of booking.

Images, Products & Copyright:

• The copyright of the images belongs to Karah Mew, the photographer at The Glass Narrator in all cases whether images are purchased or not. The images provided from The Glass Narrator to the client are licensed to you for personal purposes only, including, but not limited to, printing, copying, emailing, and web publishing. No images from your shoot can be used for, including but not limited to, financial gain, advertising, stock photography, print sale profits or resale of any nature, media reprinting, competitions.

•You / or anyone else other than Karah Mew of The Glass Narrator may not under any circumstances edit, alter or change images, which include but is not limited to photo editing apps or software, filters such as Instagram.

•Copyright of all images remain with the photographer, but full personal printing rights are granted to the client. 

• No unedited or raw images will ever be handed over to the client. After editing, The Glass Narrator will only keep high resolution J-Pegs. 

• If for any reason there is a technical failure and images are lost. The booking fee will be refunded ASAP or a reshoot will be arranged.  


• Saving, copying, uploading of ANY un-purchased images including screenshots is not allowed. This is theft of images. Photocopying, scanning or duplicating of prints in anyway is not allowed.

• Please note that all monitors and screens will all view the images different if not calibrated. I do not hold any responsibility for the quality of prints or products printed by third parties. You are not obliged to print through me, but if you decide to print elsewhere, please make be aware that my images are typically cropped / shot at a ratio of 3:2, that means to print your images without parts of the images being cropped away, please select the sizes 6x4, 9x6, 12x8, 15x10, 18x12. You can print at any size, but please be warned that your image crop may change.

• Its very important to save your images directly to a computer and back them up. Once digital images have been purchased and received, The Glass Narrator will not keep or back up or be responsible for photographs from the shoot. All images will be deleted from The Glass Narrator's hard drive within 6 months (unless I hold them with permission for my portfolio). Images saved to a mobile phone or mobile device will be poor quality and unsuitable for quality printing.

Data holding:

• As a photographer I rely at times on having a portfolio of work to share with other clients. I will always get permission from all clients when using images in my portfolio. When permission is granted, I am then able to use images for publications, promotions, illustration, advertising or trade, in any matter or media situation. If your wishes change after signing the form, please contact The Glass Narrator in writing stating that you would like to retract permission. Your photographs held by The Glass Narrator can be of sensitive nature and I would never share a photograph that you did not want to be seen by others. You can choose not to have any of your images used in my portfolio, but please be aware, your photos will not be then used within any blog posts or international awards, which many families enjoy being part of

• I do keep a copy of your email address on file.  By having your email, that means I am able to let you know in the future of any offers and when your images after 6 months are ready to be deleted off my hard drive. All digital documentation including your personal data is password protected. I do not send regular emails, unless you sign up to my email subscription (that you can opt in and out of at any stage). Personal data, including name and addresses are also kept on a password protected system and strictly only used by me for locating you for your session / delivery of products.  I often use online secure data collections, such as JotForm. I never share with third parties. Your images are kept securely on my own personal pass-coded computer and back up hard drive in which no other person has access too.

If you would like me to remove all your information, such as name, address and email after the shoot there will be a option to do so on the booking form.

• I keep images on file for approximately six months but this time frame is not guaranteed and your data may be destroyed earlier or later than this. Some images are kept for advertisement and/or portfolio purposes (if agreed buy the client). Paper documentation including your data is also kept secure in my own home (business address) away from other peoples sight.  

• Due to client protection, session photographs will only be sold to the persons who made the booking


Model Calls:

• The purpose of model calls is to develop skills, practice the use of any equipment or to simply update my portfolio. Because of this full permission is needed from the model to use images for portfolio / advertising. Unfortunately, if you are not happy for the images to be used in this way, the session cannot go forward and you may not receive any complementary images that were agreed. Model calls receive 3 free digital images via WeTransfer. Please make sure that these images are opened and save to a computer and backed up on a hard drive if you can. I will get a notification once you have downloaded. You have two days to download before the transfer becomes void. There is no pressure to purchase any extra images, but if you wish to, there is £99 off all digital packages and £50 credit towards wall gallery frames and coffee albums. There is no reduced rate on single prints.

This information shall be printed and signed by both the client and the photographer before the photographic shoot.

There will be options to opt in and out for the client.